About Me

I am a husband, dad, project manager, coach, athlete, and Christ follower who is passionate about helping people be their best; physically, spiritually, and mentally. With encouragement and accountability, I can help you with your nutrition, workouts, and making a plan to meet your personal goals. Get the results you’ve always wanted. Be your best self. Let’s connect HERE.

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This is my family. Angie & I have been married since January 1999. Brandon graduated HS in 2022. These two are the main reason I’m on a healthy living journey. I want to keep up with a very busy and active young man for a long time. Angie deserves my best in mind, spirit and body which is why I’m so passionate about my spiritual and personal development. Together, we love to play outside. Whether riding bikes, or exploring parks, being active together is our favorite. We also love our church, family Bible study at home, watching movies, and spending time with our extended family.

I’m on a mission to be the best I can be, for those I care about most. You can learn more about how I do this and why I’m passionate to help others along their healthy living journey HERE.