About Me

I am a husband, dad, project manager, coach, athlete, and Christ follower who is passionate about helping people be their best; physically, spiritually, and mentally. With encouragement and accountability, I can help you with your nutrition, workouts, and making a plan to meet your personal goals. Get the results you’ve always wanted. Be your best self.MMM pic


This is my family. baptismAngie & I have been married 20 years in January 2019. Brandon starts HS this year. These two are the main reason I’m on a healthy living journey. I want to keep up with a very busy and active boy for a long time. Angie deserves my best in mind, spirit and body which is why I’m so passionate about my spiritual and personal development.IMG_0646 Together, we love to play outside. Whether riding bikes, or exploring parks, being active together is our favorite.IMG_0667 We also love our church, family Bible study at home, watching movies and HGTV, and spending time with our extended family.

family bike pic2