Are you REALLY too busy?


In my experience, the #1 excuse I hear for why people can’t get their health in order is that they are too busy. Are you REALLY too busy?

Here’s the thing. Our culture has made it this twisted “badge of honor” when we can tell everyone with a big sigh, “I just can’t. I’m sooo busy right now.” Ugh!

It’s time to push back. Go against the flow. Stop drinking the culture’s kool-aid. Being too busy is NOT a badge of honor, it’s a serious problem. It’s a problem you can fix.

At church on Sunday I heard this acronym: BUSY = Being Under Satan’s Yoke. Don’t run cuz you think I’m gonna get all spiritual on you. Stay with me.

Whether you believe in Almighty God and Satan or not, the truth is that TIME is our most precious resource. Whether you believe it or not, God has made each of us for a special purpose, one that no one else on earth can do. Satan doesn’t want us to fill our God given purpose. Satan is determined to destroy us any way he can, and he has found a clever trick. He wants us to WASTE our time on non-essential tasks and meaningless distraction. He wants us to be so over stimulated with media and electronics that we can’t hear ourselves think about what matters most. He wants us to be exhausted from our vacations and recreation instead of refreshed and refocused. All so we can’t fill our purpose and be our very best version of ourselves – the person God has made us to be. It’s a subtle form of slavery we find ourselves in; having taken the yoke of the evil one without even knowing it.

So what can we do? The specific answer might be different for you than for me. All I know is that we MUST recognize that this battle for our time is real, and that we have the power to CHOOSE how to spend it much more than we realize. In order to live intentionally and be at our best – to fulfill the purpose we were uniquely made for, we need to take care of ourselves – body, mind, and soul. MAKE time for your health. It’s important. The end.

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