Run/ Ride With Purpose

“The 2nd Smallest 5k in Michigan”


October 31, 2016

Our 12 yr old gets the mission of #runwithpurpose. He worked really hard, being disciplined to train for 8 weeks to prepare for a 5k race. He followed his training plan and saw marked improvement in his endurance, but also in his push ups and plank hold he added to the training regimen.
Though it didn’t work out for us to do an “official” race event, we made our own course & event – dubbed “the smallest 5k in Michigan”. Naturally he was the champion, but more importantly he learned valuable life lessons AND raised awareness for the water crisis in Africa thru the awesome @hopewaterproject .
He was super sore from basketball tryouts all week, and still sucked it up to run hard for our event. His mental fortitude will serve him well for life’s challenges. Super proud dad right here!!

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