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2017 Great Cycle Challenge – Pedaling to Kick Cancer’s Butt!


We did it! Angie, Brandon, and I met our goal to pedal 100 miles in June to raise awareness for kids cancer research. Thanks to generous sponsors like my employer, family, and friends we CRUSHED our initial goal to raise $500 and finished the month with over $1,132 raised for this worthy cause!

Couple of notes I wanted to share with you about this challenge:
1. We committed to do this as a family and it was AWESOME! There is something about riding bikes together that is just totally fun. We had to make special plans & effort to get out in the midst of our busy summer schedule. Brandon didn’t even get out of school until June 14! We saw great benefits to seeing our goal through to the end and had a great time doing it together.


2. Exploring our surroundings on bike is the best. We cruised new neighborhoods in our area, visited our favorite Toledo Metroparks and even rode the brand new mountain bike trail at Oak Openings. That was my favorite! Can you believe Angie did this?!? (You gotta hear this video to get the full effect, lol!)

3. It’s not easy to ride this far. Poor Angie strained her quad pretty bad and had to miss a fair bit of the riding. She was really bummed about that. Brandon & I pressed on without her to meet our goal. It was the most he’d ridden in a month by far!
4. Cancer sucks. As hard as it is to keep pedaling sometimes – that 22 mile ride we did together in the blazing heat was a doozy – it is nothing compared to what these poor kids have to go through for their treatments. Thinking of them is what kept us going.


5. Doing healthy activities like riding bikes feels really good. Doing healthy activities as a family is super fun. Doing healthy activities together in order to help others is AWESOME! Having a plan to follow, a goal to reach, and a special reason to do it are all great ways to keep motivated too.

6. How could I forget about our 8 seconds of fame?!? Because we were able to reach a fundraising milestone early in the month, we had our photo featured on a Times Square billboard! How cool is that?


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