Making Time

making time


I really like this quote. It reminds me that I CHOOSE how to spend my time everyday. Granted, there are things we must do (like work) that take our time whether we like it or not. But I’m often surprised at how much time I REALLY have to do the things that are important to me.
Few notes:
1. You first have to identify what is important to you. This may require some serious thought. Like me, you may find that what is actually important to you is not exactly what you first thought.

2. Take inventory of your time to identify where your time is currently spent. If you don’t like how you spent it, then CHOOSE differently next time.

3. While it is impossible to actually “make time”, we can CHOOSE to spend our time on the important things we’ve identified.

What is important to you? I hope it includes taking care of yourself – and I mean your whole self:
-your mind through reading, art, personal development, etc.
-your body through good nutrition, regular exercise, and rest
-your soul through prayer, Bible study, meditation, helping others, etc.
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#1 Obstacle to Achieving Your Goal – YOU

Lombardi commitment1

Today I encourage your to take a hard look at personal commitment to your goals. On a scale of 1 to 10 how committed are you to achieving ‘X’?

If you answered of 7 or less, it’s time to re-evaluate your goal (‘X’). Realize that whatever ‘X’ is most likely isn’t going to get done with a C- commitment level.
You are either committed to something or you’re not. A 70% commitment is like no commitment at all. Think about your goal and the real reasons you want it. WHY do you want to achieve ‘X’? Connect with this question on an emotional level. Act like… a 2 yr old when you answer WHY, and ask it again and again until you get to the REAL reason you want to achieve ‘X’.

Example: “I want to lose 30 lbs. Why? So I can look better for my class reunion. Why? Because I don’t want people to see that I ‘let myself go’. Why? Because I’m embarrassed/ ashamed about the way I look and feel. Why? Because my mom/ dad was overweight and the diabetes and heart disease from it eventually killed her/ him. I have seen first hand what unhealthy living can do to a person. I want to live a long, healthy life and be around for my grandkids.”

See how “lose 30 lbs” became “being around for my grandkids”? That’s the kind of process that gets you from 70% commitment to 100% fully committed to your goal. Your goal doesn’t have to be weight loss or health related at all. It might be to get out of debt, to change careers, or whatever it is that’s important to you. ‪#‎allin‬ ‪#‎go4it‬‪#‎onlythingstoppingyouisyou‬

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